What we hope for and desire has the power to motivate us to profound and transforming action. In fact, if we want to know what our real motivations are, we need only look at what we actually do. It is our actions, not our words or even our dreams, that reveal the truest hopes and desires of our hearts. And, if we claim to hope for something, but do nothing to move toward it, we are only deceiving ourselves and our so-called hopes are really just a fantasy.

Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the Reign of God. Through last week we explored the hope we have in the coming of God’s Reign, and the power of that hope to sustain and strengthen us through the best and worst of times. But, if that hope is real, it must be seen in how we live. If we really believe in God’s Reign me, that must filter through every thought, attitude, word, action and interaction.

This week we meditate on how our hope in God’s Reign translates into hopeful, transforming action.

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