If there is anything that defines followers of Jesus it’s our faith in resurrection. In this Easter season, we have the opportunity of reaffirming this faith, moving deeper into its mystery, and allowing it to permeate our lives still more. As we have seen, though, resurrection living is not just about us as individuals – it connects us with others in communities of faith. But it also leads us back out into the world to connect with all people and with the creation that God loves. That’s why Jesus calls his disciples to be “witnesses” to his resurrection.

What is also significant about the resurrection is that it reveals the truth about Jesus’ message and mission. When Jesus rose, it was not just about him becoming alive again as an individual who lived long ago. It was about the amazing truth that God’s Reign – God’s grace, compassion, peace, justice and love – cannot be defeated even by death. This means that being a witness to Jesus is not just about believing that he rose again. It’s about living the eternal values of Jesus now and inviting others into the abundant, eternal life of Christ now. So, like Peter in the Acts 3 reading that is set for this week, you may need to use words to share Christ’s life, but you will definitely need to make your commitment to Christ’s values, Christ’s gracious actions and Christ’s welcoming acceptance of others visible. Being witnesses is about letting the resurrection impact the world through us as we embody the character and purposes of Jesus.

How can you live as a witness to the resurrection this week? This is the question with which we will seek to wrestle.

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