After last week’s challenging call to stay faithful to our allegiance to God’s Reign, this week gives us a glimpse into how God seeks to work in our lives. It’s easy to get caught up in exceptionalism – in an addiction to always being special, grand and focused on appearances – in our faith. But this week’s readings offer us a different way to experience God’s work in our lives.

There are two readings that you may hear in church this week. The first is the story of how the young David – the youngest son of an insignificant family – was anointed to be Saul’s successor as king of Israel. The second reading, from Mark’s Gospel, relates two parables that use seeds as the metaphor for God’s Reign. In both readings the message is clear: God often uses the least, the smallest, the hidden, to accomplish God’s purposes. God’s work is often subversive and hidden, and God often works God’s transformation by using small things to slowly and gently impact our world.

This week we will be exploring how to recognize and co-operate with the small, hidden work of God in our lives and our world.

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