It is popular in today’s Church to speak of making a ‘decision for Christ’. There is value in this—we do need to recognise our capacity to choose to follow Jesus or not. But what is missed in this language is God’s choice for us. This Sunday you may have been reminded about either the boy Samuel who learned to hear God’s call for the first time (1 Samuel 3:1-20), or the disciple Nathaniel who, in spite of his initial scepticism, was called by Jesus to follow (John 1:43-51). Both of these stories show that God takes the initiative in inviting us—calling us—to live our lives in alignment with God’s presence, purposes and priorities.

In both of these stories, the relationship began with God revealing God’s self to the person. As they encountered God’s glory, they found themselves irresistibly drawn to God, and their lives were changed. Then, as a result of this encounter, they became people who reflected God’s glory and proclaimed God’s message to their world. The starting point, though, is always God’s choice to manifest God’s glory.

This week why not seek to prepare yourself for God’s self-revelation? Why not open your heart and your senses to the glory of God around you and listen for God’s call? Then, as God reveals God’s self to you, respond by committing again to follow Christ and to proclaim Christ’s message through your own life.

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