This Sunday is the only one in the Church Calendar that focuses on a doctrine – Trinity Sunday. The doctrine of the Trinity is tough for many people, but there is much that it can teach us. There is the opportunity to acknowledge again the limitations of our language and thinking about God, and to embrace God’s glorious, infinite mystery. There is the chance to recognise how God has chosen to reveal God’s self to humanity in flesh and Spirit, and how Jesus and the Spirit really do show us what God is like. There is the chance to recognise the work of all three Persons in the life of every woman and man. Ultimately, though it is wise to bear in mind Richard Rohr’s words: “Trinity leads you into the world of mystery and humility where you can not understand, you can only experience.”

Perhaps the heart of our experience of God as Trinity can be expressed in the word ‘mutuality’. The idea of Trinity speaks of God as a community of mutual love, respect, interconnection, purpose and being. The point is not to get too technical, analytical, or literal about this, but to allow ourselves to be drawn into the community of the Godhead. You don’t have to understand what this means, you just have to allow yourself to love God and be loved by God, and then to allow that sense of connection to flow through you to others. When we begin to allow ourselves to become deeply connected with God, ourselves, others and our world, we experience the idea of Trinity, even if we don’t really understand it.

This week, we explore what it means to worship and connect with this Triune God.

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