Sometimes it feels like God has gone silent. We may feel, at times, that we don’t know how to hear what God is saying to us. We may watch others who claim to hear God speaking all the time, and wonder what they have that we don’t. Or we may believe that we hear God speaking to us regularly, but we fail to listen to these messages with discernment, measuring them against what the Scriptures have revealed. We have all experienced moments when what is called the voice of God speaking turns out to be nothing more than personal preference or desire.

The Bible tells us that God has already spoken and given us all we need to live an abundant life. Perhaps before we seek special “words” from God, we should focus on trying to live according to the words we have already received. We may need the promptings of the Spirit to remind us of specific passages of Scripture, but no new revelation can ever replace what God has already revealed in the Bible.

This week we remember how God has already spoken to us, and we seek to live out what we have already heard through Jesus.

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