What message does your life proclaim? Whenever God seeks to do anything in the world, God sends messengers to prepare the hearts of the people. While some of these messengers may be well known or influential figures, others are just ordinary people seeking to live by the values and priorities of Christ as best they can.

In this second week of Advent it is usual to focus on the preparatory ministry of John the Baptiser, but his story is not just about an event that happened long ago. It is about how God always seeks to restore and heal us, and how God always seeks those who will be carriers of God’s message into the world. This means that we are not just witnesses to the story of John’s ministry. We are called to be like John, sharing the vision of God’s coming into our world, and inviting people into a restorative relationship with God.

This week we focus on doing the work of preparing our hearts for God’s coming, and also of accepting our calling to be messengers of preparation in our neighbourhoods, homes, and communities.

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