This week we journey through Holy Week – the time when we meditate on Jesus’ final days before his death. In these last moments, Jesus faced strong opposition from the religious leaders as he offered some of his most challenging teachings. But he also demonstrated to his disciples the grace and love that characterised his ministry. One central theme that runs through the entire week is the meaning of Christ’s death. This is a subject that has been the source of much debate through the centuries, and there are a number of different ways to understand the sacrifice of Jesus. Sometimes it’s best to simply allow the Scriptures to speak without trying to analyse too much, especially during this important season.

As you journey through Holy Week, try to make some extra time to reflect on the life, death and message of Jesus. Meditate on the cost he was willing to pay for the sake of God’s Reign, and on his commitment to love and service above all. Notice how his values challenge and undermine those of human systems of power, wealth, and instant gratification, and investigate the extent to which your own life follows the values of Jesus. If your church is offering services of worship through this week, you might want to make an extra effort to attend in order to allow this significant season to touch your life more deeply.

May this Holy Week bring you closer to Christ and draw you deeper into the revolutionary reality we call the Reign of God.

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