For God’s Reign to become a reality in our world, we must heal the brokenness, violence, injustice, and division that oppose it. The problem is when we begin by identifying evil only outside of us. Then we inevitably ignore the evil within us, and become self-righteous, judgemental and even aggressive as we oppose “the others” in whom we see all that is wrong with the world. This happens both on a global and an inter-personal scale.

But, until we have faced and healed the brokenness and violence within our own hearts, we are unable to be agents of healing to the world. Rather, we find ourselves in the contradictory position of believing we can bring peace through war, unity through judgement, and justice through coercion or domination. It is only when we allow the alternative way of Jesus to change us within, that we can offer a different way of being to those around us. But, once we have done the work of receiving deliverance from our own sin, we become those who radiate the grace and love of God, and we are able to bring liberation to others just by being the Christ-followers we are called to be.

This week our meditations lead us to confront and heal the evil in our own hearts.

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