Most of us who are reading this have access to technology that qualifies us as, at the very least, “middle class.” This can make talking about God’s passionate concern for the poor more than a little uncomfortable. Part of the problem is that we tend to frame the conversation in either/or terms. If God is “on the side” of the poor, then God must be “against” the wealthy. Or, if God “blesses” the wealthy, then God must be “punishing” the poor. There are theologians on both sides of this debate, and, as long as we keep viewing things this way, the debate is not going to end soon.

But the Scriptures do not really enter this debate at all. There is no question that God loves and welcomes whoever seeks relationship with God. There is also no question that God seeks justice wherever there is injustice – which means that where people suffer God will send prophets and activists to work for healing, restoration, and transformation. The challenge for us is to learn to share God’s passion for the poor, and to become more and more comfortable with the tough conversations around bringing justice into our world.

One thing we cannot avoid, if we are serious about following Christ in our daily lives, is becoming involved in God’s work of justice and compassion. What this might mean for us practically is part of this week’s journey.

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