The central feature of this week’s meditations is the Epiphany celebration on Wednesday. Epiphany marks the end of the twelve days of Christmas and celebrates the moment when the magi came to visit the Christ child. Epiphany is a celebration of infinite grace that reaches across the boundaries of nation, religion, and ethnicity to welcome and include all.

It is strange how often, after we experience God’s grace and love for ourselves and discover that we are children of God, we then begin to draw lines that exclude others from God’s grace. It’s strange that we would imagine that the very grace that has welcomed us would reject others. God’s love for us does not mean that God does not love those who are different from us, On the contrary, it shows us how much God’s love extends to everyone, how much God longs to redeem everyone, and how much God seeks to claim every person as God’s own child.

This week we meditate on the radical, shocking grace of God that would claim even us as God’s children.

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