All the readings in the Lectionary this week speak of living with a sense of call. This does not mean that we all have to be apostles, or become ordained, full-time ministers in the church. Rather, it means that, as we embrace the resurrected way of life, we discover that our lives are not random. How we live and what we do matter. The small actions, attitudes, words, and thoughts that fill our days can contribute to revealing God’s Reign in our world, or they can help to keep God’s Reign hidden. When we embrace the resurrection not just as a past, historical event, but as a calling to live daily in the power of God’s life, then our lives make a positive difference in the world. In this sense, we are all called.

When we make the resurrection nothing more than a past miracle, or a hope for a future life after death, we rob it of its power to impact our lives now. This is why the Scriptures constantly call us to see the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus as a journey that we must also experience. Each day gives us an opportunity to release our own desires, agendas, and self-protectiveness, and to be raised to a life that is centred around the love, justice, and grace of God. Each day offers us a chance to share God’s life with those around us. And each day offers us the gift of experiencing God’s love for ourselves a little more. When we receive these opportunities with gratitude and mindfulness, we discover that everything we do is filled with a sense of meaning, purpose and life. This is what it means to live a called life.

This week we will meditate on living with the sense of call that comes from a daily experience of God’s resurrection life.

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