Because Your grace, O Christ, is so generous –

not crumbs falling from the table, but a sumptuous feast –

we pray for the accused and guilty ones;

those in prisons they deserve,

those unjustly detained,

and those imprisoned by their own guilt and regret.


Because Your love, O God, is so indiscriminate –

crossing boundaries and inviting all –

we pray for the lost and lonely ones;

those who find themselves without companions in the world,

those who are separated from loved ones by distance or death,

and those who have forgotten love

because of their struggle to survive.


Because Your Kingdom, O Lord, is so different –

challenging the ways of human beings –

we pray for the powerful and influential ones;

those who lead countries or communities,

those who decide and enforce law,

those who hold responsibility for great resources.


Because Your Presence, O Spirit, is so constant –

never abandoning or neglecting us –

we pray for those things that are closest to our hearts…


Silent personal prayer is offered.


We pray because we believe that no one is beyond Your grace,

no one is outside of Your love,

and because we believe that the prayers we offer

enable us to receive, and to share,

the blessings You desire to give us.


And we pray in the name of Jesus, who taught us to pray.