We are poor, Jesus,

in love, in appreciation, in spirit;

and we need Good News to fill us.


We are broken, Jesus,

in heart, in hope, in faith,

and we need to be healed.


We are prisoners, Jesus,

of our own addictions, of our own foolishness, of our own pride,

and we need to be freed.


We are blind, Jesus,

to the sacredness of the world we exploit,

to the image of God in the people we hate,

to the purpose you have planted within us,

and we need sight.


We are oppressed, Jesus,

by our constant tendency to destructiveness,

and by the destructiveness of others,

and we need to receive and share forgiveness.


Yet, in our great need of you, we rejoice and celebrate

because you are the way to what we need,

to what we can become,

to what we can contribute.


We praise you and bind ourselves to you again,


Anointed One;

The Way.