We call you ‘King’, Jesus,

but you’re not like any king we’ve ever heard of;


You don’t flaunt your power,

waving your hand dismissively

to change the lives of your subjects;

You don’t hoard your wealth,

and tax your people just to grow more comfortable

in your isolated palace;

You don’t exploit the weak and unconnected,

or use the ambition of ladder-climbers

to further your control.


No, you are the King who lays down his crown,

to walk among us as one of us;

You are the King who lays down his life,

to bring abundant, eternal life to all who seek it;

You are the King who draws the weak, the rejected, the poor, the child

into the centre of the conversation

and into the heart of where real power lies.


You, Jesus, are the UnKing – the King whose Kingdom,

redefines everything we know

and will continue to do so for eternity.