There is no question in our minds, God

that you deserve all the devotion and adoration

that we can give;

Which means that we will sing with our music,

but we will also sing through every action we perform.


As we sing of your greatness and majesty,

we will also sing by refusing to bow to the idols

of nationalism and materialism.


As we sing of your generosity and extravagant blessing,

we will also sing by giving

of our time,

our resources,

our abilities,

to those who know the sharp ache of need.


As we sing of your goodness and love,

we will also sing by treating each person we encounter

with respect and dignity,

with understanding and compassion.


As we sing our songs of joy and praise,

as our music rises to express the devotion of our hearts,

so our lives will sing the Song of Deeds –

actions filled with the intention

to love and honour you,

in every person and creature and place;

because this is the only way our praise can even begin

adequately to express Your worth.