We seem to have lost the ability to see glory, God;

We look at money, or medals,

last-person-standing triumphs,

and exclusive, only-for-the-privileged-few accolades,

and we call these glorious,

forgetting how they tarnish after just a few moments.


We have forgotten how to recognise the glory that lives

in the sacrifices of a mother

for whom feeding a child takes monumental effort each day;

in the compassion of a stranger

who gives his time and talent to care for sick and dying souls;

in the humility of a well-qualified professional

who uses her connections and skill to ensure the success

of small projects that bring life to the least;

in the courage of a peace-maker

who stands empty-handed against tanks and bombs,

or who chooses to serve and love an enemy;


Open our eyes to the glory all around us,

the glory of crosses and opened graves

in hopeless situations;

the glory of your presence and creativity

in dark and ugly and fearful places;


And teach us to be both heralds and couriers

of this glory,

so that it may be seen to cover the earth

as the waters cover the sea.