Though it may seem to us that evil spreads like a virus,

though it may feel naïve to resist it,

we choose to believe that your spirit’s fruit

can satisfy a world that hungers for healing.


And so:

Wherever hatred and suspicion divide people and fragment communities,

we will pass on love.

Wherever sorrow and cynicism leave the dark stain of despair,

we will pass on joy.

Wherever violence and abuse shatter lives and destroy the earth,

we will pass on peace.

Wherever expediency and the quest for quick fixes create confusion and need,

we will pass on patience.

Wherever heartlessness and selfishness cause loneliness and exclusion,

we will pass on kindness.

Wherever evil and darkness steal away hope and integrity,

we will pass on goodness.

Wherever aggression and coercion remove freedom and playfulness,

we will pass on gentleness.

Wherever self-interest and shallowness undermine relationships and stability,

we will pass on faithfulness.

Wherever lawlessness and carelessness generate chaos and fear,

we will pass on self-control.


Though it may take our best energy

and our most enduring commitment,

We pray for the courage and the faith

to answer your call,

to resist whatever devils we may face,

and to pass on your abundant life.


In Jesus’ Name