Our world carries the scars of the way we live, Jesus;

the preferential treatment given

to the few who are wealthy and powerful and famous

leaves the rest ignored and neglected;

the desperate quest for more

leaves all of us feeling less, enjoying less;

the self-protective aggression we embrace to feel safe

leaves us and others wounded and frightened;

the apathetic disregard for the suffering, the grieving, the dying

leaves us disconnected from our own humanity,

from our ability to feel and to care.


We need our world turned upside down, Jesus;

We need our self-importance and self-sufficiency to be undermined;

We need a new way of being that is built on a whole new set of values:

Humble the powerful

and exalt the humble, we pray;

Fill the hungry with good things,

and keep the satisfied from taking even more;

Give us the wisdom to let a Child lead us

into a world of justice and love;

into the joy of sacrifice and service and simplicity.


O come, Emmanuel, and ransom your captive people.