We always seem to be fumbling around,

broken and ignorant humans that we are,

and we so often expect you to stride in

strong and knowing,

and just sort us out,

fix us,

set us right.

But this is not what you do, is it, God?


Instead of directing, controlling, ‘fixing’,

you step into human experience,

merge your divinity with flesh,

and serve the least and the weakest;

you walk alongside us, stand with us,

and teach us to find life in you

to grow together with you,

to participate in our own healing and salvation.


It seems strange to use the word “humble”

with reference to you, O God,

but it is the best description we have

of your gracious approach,

your compassionate service,

your selfless incarnation;

And so we praise you for your humility,

and for the way you gently lead us

into facing our brokenness,

renouncing our self-righteousness,

and embracing humility for ourselves.