Great God of Miracles and Surprises,

Our celebration today is inspired by truth

that is beyond our ability to understand.


We gather in a humble stable,

around a rough feeding trough

to worship a Baby,

because we believe that He is God become human.


Our minds cannot wrap around this;

it doesn’t make sense.

And yet, no matter how impossible it may seem,

all the evidence confirms it to be true.

Our hearts, though, reach so gratefully for the message of this day.

We hear You calling us,

whispering of Your unfailing, unconditional love.

We are faced with a God who has performed this miracle

so that we would know that You are the heartbeat

of our world & of our lives;

to ensure that that You are the centre of human history

and human experience.


And so, we worship You,

and we welcome You into our worlds.