It’s Good News this Gospel of yours, Jesus,

and we easily get so excited and full of expectation,

that we can be disappointed when goodness takes longer

than we had hoped.

but sometimes the most powerful changes, the most complete healings

come not in one startling moment,

but slowly, by degrees.


And so we pray for your Good News to capture our world,

in the comfort of loving shoulders

offered for the grieving to cry on;

in the shared laughter and hopefulness

found in the midst of pain and suffering;

in the vulnerable welcome of hospitality

given to both strangers and friends;

in the unconditional love and challenging confrontation

received from trusted partners;

in the simple responsibility

accepted by those who are conscientious and faithful;

in the generous good

done by grateful followers of your ways;


In these small, but significant actions,

we pray that we and our world may recognise

the signs of your reign among us;

and that your Good News may be proclaimed by degrees,

in the daily rhythms of our lives.