When we play God,

pretending we know best for ourselves

and those around us,

and seeking to control what is uncontrollable,

We reveal our idolatry.

Forgive us and help us, O God.


When we act like martyrs,

hiding our selfishness and brokenness

behind a mask of self-sacrifice

and self-righteousness

We reveal our lovelessness.

Forgive us and help us, O Christ.


When we fail to be the people we long to be,

repeating the same mistakes,

forgetting the same lessons,

losing heart and running out of energy and inspiration

We reveal our weakness.

Forgive us and help us, O Spirit.


Triune God, we need you to come to us again

as God,

as Saviour,

as Counsellor.

Thank you that our forgiveness, healing and growth

lies not in how hard we work,

but in how gracious you are.

And so we pray, with all that we are:

Forgive us and help us.

For the sake of your Kingdom.