Following you, Jesus, is a hard thing to do;

So many seek to tell us the “right” way,

and too many of these paths are filled

with violence and hatred.

These roads are easy,

they make us feel strong and vindicated,

and they give us the shallow pleasure

of watching our enemies hurt.

But, when the dust settles, we realise

that we have lost some our humanity,

and we have lost our connection with you.


In the end we cannot deny that you are a God of peace,

a God of the cross, and of forgiveness spoken

with your dying breath.

And for this we are grateful,

for if it were not so we would have no hope

because we too have offended you.


We praise you, God, for peace;

for your compassion and grace

that refuse to allow our worst selves

to define our relationship with you;

for the quiet, inexorable silencing of violence

that grows among us

as we seek to follow your peace-making ways.