We praise You, Lord God,

that Your Way is found

not by travelling an exclusive highway,

or in secrets preserved only for some,

but in the open field of love and grace,

where all who choose may come and play.


We praise You, Lord God,

that Your Truth is heard

not only in the words of scholars and authors,

or in brittle, inflexible ideas,

but in honest questions

and difficult conversations,

in the courageous attempts of simple people

to live lives of integrity.


We praise You, Lord God,

that Your Life is discovered

not just in the predictable places of beauty and wealth

or within the confines of clearly demarcated norms,

but in the unexpected generosity and pride

of those who have nothing,

in the creativity and risk

of trying new things,

and defending the vulnerable.


We open ourselves again to Your call,

determined to do what we promise,

to follow Your Way,

to embody Your Truth

to share Your Life.

And to do it all with thanksgiving and praise.