How hard we try to be good,

how passionately we defend our truth,

how strongly we draw our lines,

how bravely we denounce wrong;

But, how easily we miss the point.


Forgive us, God, when we misunderstand our calling;

when we think it serves you

to make violent threats against those we disagree with,

to go to war for the sake of our truth,

to seek to bend all others to our way of thinking and being.

Heal and restore those who have been wounded by us,

shamed by us,

suspected by us,

misunderstood by us,

slandered by us.


Come to us, Jesus, each on our own Damascus Road,

stop us in our tracks,

soften our hearts,

show us yourself,

and help us to fulfil our calling in a way

that does justice to your gracious love.