At a time like this, when the triumph of death seems inevitable

and the suffering around us makes us want to turn away,

we commit to resurrection:


In the secret chambers where power-brokers meet,

we commit to making the voice of life and justice heard;

In the crisis moments when quick decisions must be made

that hold human lives in the balance

we commit to making peace and co-existence the challenge we raise;

In the forgotten corners where the powerless and poor

daily walk the valley of the shadow of death,

we commit to equity, compassion and giving;

In the dying places on our planet where human carelessness and consumption

have threatened the survival of all

we commit to simplicity and sustainability


As you stand among us now, Jesus,

in your resurrected glory,

May we know the power of your life;

May we turn away from death;

And may we become agents of resurrection,

where ever we find ourselves.