Proper 7C

2022-04-25T19:43:36+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

19 June 2022 There is a lovely progression in these first few weeks of Ordinary Time. Two weeks ago we faced a challenge to prioritise God's strength and grace, [...]

Trinity Sunday C

2022-03-22T20:08:01+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

12 June 2022 This week, instead of celebrating a biblical event or a characteristic of God, the lectionary leads us to celebrate a doctrine - the Trinity. In the [...]

Pentecost C

2022-03-22T20:04:13+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

05 June 2022 As what I call the "God's Story" part of the Liturgical Calendar begins to draw to a close, we are prepared for the second half of [...]

Easter 7C

2022-03-22T19:58:35+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

29 May 2022 If you decide to celebrate the Ascension on Thursday, then you'll be looking at Easter 7 for Sunday. This is the last Sunday before Pentecost (which [...]

Easter 6C

2022-03-22T19:49:14+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

22 May 2022 Last week the Lectionary challenged us to bring life to others through following Christ’s example of love. This week, that love gets practical as the readings [...]

Easter 5C

2022-03-22T19:44:16+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

15 May 2022 The power of Easter lies not just in the life it offers us, but also in the way we are recruited to be life-bringers. This week, [...]

Easter 4C

2022-03-22T19:40:15+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

08 May 2022 The celebration of life continues, this week with a story from the early church of Tabitha being raised from death, and with Jesus proclaiming himself as [...]

Easter 3C

2022-03-03T22:18:25+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

01 May 2022 The Resurrection of Jesus is not just a historical event, or a source of praise and adoration. It is also the centre of God’s calling on [...]

Easter 2C

2022-03-03T22:10:39+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year C|

24 April 2022 In a world of cynicism and suffering, it can be tempting to see celebration as something flippant, irrelevant and heartless. However, in the light of the [...]


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