There’s a whisper inside of us:

Most of the time we can ignore it if we so choose,

and often we neglect it;

But its insistent, compelling voice reminds us

that our lives are not without meaning,

that we have a contribution to make,

that we are called.


This called-ness can be hard for us, Jesus,

We are all too aware of our denials of you,

of all the ways we’ve failed to live up to our promise;

We’re not sure that there aren’t others who are more than we are:

more faithful,

more responsible,

more organised,

more committed,

more able.

But, it seems that you don’t really hear our objections, our excuses;

all you ever seem to say is just, “Follow me.”


So, if you see in us something worth calling;

If you are committed to empowering us,

infilling us,

using us,

then all we can do is respond,

nervously, but wholeheartedly,