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Christmas Eve A

2020-07-28T08:12:02+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

24 December 2019 Christmas Eve this year focuses on the seemingly ordinary theme of God’s coming to us in Christ. However, the key issue in this coming, is in our [...]

Christmas 1A

2020-07-28T08:12:02+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

29 December 2019 This is a tough Sunday to preach, coming after the Christmas celebrations of this week. The Gospel reading is the slaughter of the children under King Herod. [...]

Advent 4A

2020-07-28T08:12:02+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

22 December 2019 It seems almost trite and superfluous to say that the incarnation is the greatest statement, the greatest manifestation of love ever – but that doesn’t make it [...]

Advent 3A

2020-07-28T08:12:01+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

15 December 2019 Joy is seldom recognised for the incredibly restorative, liberating force that it is. Unfortunately, even in faith communities, soberness, seriousness and even cynicism are often portrayed as [...]

Advent 2A

2020-07-28T08:11:54+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

08 December 2019 This second week in Advent draws us into the possibilities of real peace for us and our world – God’s Shalom realm. Ironically, there is so much [...]

Advent Sunday A

2020-07-28T08:11:53+02:00Lectionary Resources, Year A|

01 December 2019 And so the Lectionary Cycle begins again. This is always an exciting and moving time, as we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, and begin to open our [...]

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