The Master has crammed His canvas with all that is beautiful

filling it beyond capacity with hues and fragrances,

textures, tastes and musics to awaken the soul.

How glorious to live in this universe, O God!

how our hearts vibrate with the artistry of Your love;

how our senses and spirits are enlivened by the beauty of Your glory

revealed within and around us!

Our praise is too small to express our appreciation, our joy and our love

that You have blessed us so.


How it must grieve You, O God, when we run from beauty,

terrified of the passions it might awaken in us

fearful that it may not last, that it might deceive us.

How your tears must flow when we choose what is ugly, utilitarian,

functional alone.


Forgive us, Beautiful God, when we fail to embrace, and enjoy and be

the beauty that You have desired and created;

and when we have robbed us others of beauty.


Renew in us the capacity for beauty which was in Jesus,

and may we both reflect and celebrate Your glory because of it.