“You see, it’s a liturgical world out there, and we’re all wired up as liturgical creatures who run on repetition and habit. And when you think about it, how could there be anything new if there was nothing old, or anything spontaneous if there was nothing planned?” – John Leach

The word liturgy means “the work of the people”, and it is here that the poetry of prayer finds form and structure. Used thoughtfully and intentionally, the written prayer of liturgy opens doors to an ageless and universal collective spirituality – even when the liturgy is used by an individual alone.
This collection of liturgies is offered as a contemporary form of an ancient way of prayer. Some are drawn from my book Food for the Road, and many are intended as accompaniments to the sacrament of Communion (although the prayers can be used alone or for a liturgical experience without communion).

They also make great for resources for personal meditation and prayer.