When it comes to life, the Bible is clear that we can only be most fully alive when we are deeply and meaningfully connected with others. Although it can sometimes feel like the demands of others, the restriction of our freedom that comes from living with others, and the constant struggle to maintain strong relationships with others are too painful and exhausting for what they cost us, the alternative, which is to isolate ourselves, is far worse.

That’s why, as we explore the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection, the Lectionary leads us to consider what it means to follow the Good Shepherd, and to be part of God’s “flock”. It is not just that Jesus brings life to us as individuals, but that, through the resurrection, he gives life to our relationships and communities as well. And, when we welcome God’s life into our lives, we are also welcoming God’s family.

This week our focus is on learning to share resurrection life with one another.

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