This is the last Sunday of the Church Year! As usual, before we begin the next cycle of seasons beginning with Advent’s vision of God’s glorious future, we end the year by remembering the sovereignty of the One who makes that future possible – Jesus Christ, God’s righteous Monarch. But the Reign of Christ must never be viewed through the lens of human empires. The throne of Christ is unlike that of any human ruler, and the values of Christ’s Reign are completely different from those of our human societies.

This raises two fundamental questions for us. The first is whether we will really place our lives under the authority of Jesus. It’s easy to call Jesus “Lord”, but to really live as a disciple means our lives must reflect the same values, attitudes, and behaviours that Jesus’ did. Only then are we really living with Christ as our authority. The second question is to understand what Christ’s authority looks like. Unlike our world, where authority means dominance or greater control over others, the authority of Jesus is about serving others, collaborating with others and setting others free.

This week we end the year by placing our lives firmly under the authority of Jesus again.

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