This Sunday is the last in the first half of the Church Calendar. From November to June we journey through the events of Christ’s human life and explore the meaning of the God who became flesh, and the Reign of God which Jesus preached and practiced. Trinity Sunday is the final Sunday in this journey, reminding us that we encounter God as Creator, Redeemer and Empowerer. In the weeks to come, the Calendar moves into Ordinary Time (also known as Kingdom Time) when we learn how to practice, in our own lives, the truths we see in Christ’s.

The understanding of God as Trinity is a great mystery. We will never fully understand the nature of God – if we could, God would not be God – and so we need to learn to be comfortable with questions, with not understanding, and with always being open to learn new things about God. One thing that we can learn about God from the doctrine of the Trinity is what John writes in his first letter: God is love. When we think of God as Trinity, this gives us a glimpse into what John meant. God is not an individual, alone and isolated. Rather God’s Being is a community in which love is shared between the three Persons. But love always grows and expands, which means that the love within God is always reaching out to embrace God’s Creation.

This week we will open ourselves to the mystery of God and seek to allow the love of the Trinity to fill us and transform us.

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