There are many things that resist the good in our lives. When we are faced with those who see things differently, or who do not accept us as readily or freely as we would like, it is tempting to respond vindictively and “call down fire” upon them. When the daily stuff of our lives crowds in – our need for sustenance and shelter, our desire to do our duty to our families, or our struggle to release the things that have a hold on our hearts – it can become very hard to stay faithful to Jesus’ call to live the alternative values of God’s Reign. Those around us may not understand the decisions we make, and the change in our priorities, and this can challenge our commitment to God’s best for us.

The good news, though, is that we are not alone as we strive to embrace the way of Jesus. God has given us the presence, power and anointing of God’s Spirit – the same Spirit that worked through Jesus – in order to strengthen and guide us in this new way of living. As we learn each day to open ourselves to this Spirit, and as we learn to trust God’s goodness, our lives become a proclamation of the Gospel. We may never say a word about our faith, but when we live the Jesus way more fully, others will notice it, and they will notice the positive impact it has on us – and on them. This is the most powerful witness we could ever have.

This week we explore how embracing God’s goodness in the power of Spirit changes us and those around us.

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