The Bible has a lot to say about money and how we use it. Our bank statements and budgets are important spiritual documents that reveal a lot about our priorities and our level of commitment to the principles of God’s Reign. This week the readings challenge us to recognise that the material blessings we enjoy are not just given to us but are given through us to share with others. As we grow in obedience to the values and mission of God’s Reign, we inevitably find ourselves becoming increasingly compassionate and generous, and we discover that whatever measure of wealth we possess can make a significant contribution to building God’s Dream among us.

It’s important to realise that our use of money is rooted in our attitude toward it. When we work to develop the Christ-like attitudes of humility, contentment, simplicity and love, we will automatically see our money not as an end in itself, or a source of security and happiness, but as a means to the end of building community, of seeking to spread blessing and sufficiency as widely as possible, and of manifesting the life of Jesus in our world.

This week we explore our attitudes toward, and our use of, money.

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