Happy Christmas! Today is one of the most significant days in the Christian Calendar. Unfortunately, we can easily miss how powerfully subversive and transforming this day really is – unless we’re willing to open our lives and hearts not just to the Christ Child, but to the Reign of God which he brought into our world.

It is tempting to think of Christmas as nothing more than the first step in God’s work of saving us from our sins so that we can go to heaven. But it is so much more than this. The Christmas story actually begins in Genesis 1 when God speaks creation into being. And it ends with a vision of a new world that is whole and one in Christ. It is because God has always been working to bring the entire cosmos into God’s life and love that Jesus was born. The birth of Christ was not God’s plan B to address the unexpected problem of sin. Rather the birth of Christ was the moment God had been working toward for millennia when God’s Reign would become visible and active in a new and powerful way in our world. This means that Christmas is not just about the birth of a unique baby. It is about the rebirth of all things – including you and me.

This week we explore the powerful, transforming significance of Jesus’ birth.

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