In our world of instant solutions and instant gratification, the idea of persistence can seem extremely quaint and outdated. When we respond to God’s call and begin to follow Jesus, we may feel that our lives should change instantly, and that all our endeavours should see immediate results. But when that doesn’t happen, we easily grow disillusioned and frustrated. In spite of the vast range of books that offer spiritual transformation in a few easy steps, becoming our truest, most Christ-like selves does not come quickly or easily. It takes a lifetime of perseverance – as does any real change in our communities and our world.

Were we to make perseverance a higher value in our lives, we may be surprised by the difference it might make to our relationships, our work, our families, and our sense of meaning and purpose. When we expect quick results, and easy benefits without sustained work, our relationships break down, and we may find ourselves jumping from partner to partner; our work breaks down, and we may find that we never really reach our goals; and even our ability to know and grow our best selves breaks down, and we go through life reacting to circumstances instead of proactively creating our own lives. The antidote to this disease is perseverance – specifically, perseverance in prayer. When we persevere, we may wait a very long time to get to where we want to be, but each day we will be moving a little closer – and that’s all that matters.

This week we will explore what it means to persevere, as we acknowledge how God has persevered in reaching out to us in love.

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