It is an unfortunate reality of our world that those who call themselves Christians are often accused of being arrogant, judgemental and “holier-than-thou”. Yet, we have all experienced the impact of those who are truly humble. When we encounter someone who is deeply aware of their own brokenness, we are immediately struck by their humility, their compassion, their acceptance, and their wisdom. Isn’t it amazing how these qualities are viewed so positively across our world, and yet so many of us are still driven by the cult of wealth and celebrity? Even in the Church, it is easy to fall into the trap of perfectionism, attention seeking, and human standards of success.

Jesus repeatedly taught his followers how important it is to nurture humility, gentleness, simplicity and an awareness of where we still need to change. He constantly challenged those who believed they were righteous while welcoming those who knew they were not. And he was never too proud to associate with the “least” in his society.

This week we will seek to nurture the Christ-like attitude of humility within our hearts.

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