Where do you place your hope? If we view the world through the lens of our society’s values and goals, we probably hope for quick resolutions to the problems that plague us most. We make easy judgements about what we consider good and bad, and we seek to have the bad eradicated as swiftly as possible. We may even place our hope in those leaders whom we believe will most quickly and easily shape the world according to our view of how it should be – which view is usually itself shaped by the images of a perfect world that are constantly offered to us in the media.

But this week the Scriptures offers us two words of caution and of hope. The first is that the world is on a purposeful course toward the dream of God for the wholeness and unity of all things. The second is for us to acknowledge that our view of good and bad is often limited, and so we need to wait patiently, trust in God, and allow God to work out God’s purposes according to God’s eternal timeline.

This week we explore what it means to build our lives on these foundational truths.

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