Sometimes, as followers of Jesus, we can be extremely naïve about the way the world works. When we neglect the work of reflection and mindfulness, we can easily miss how seductive the temptations to power, possessions, and pleasure can be. The result is that we can find ourselves speaking words of faith while living no differently from those around us, with the same values, desires, and actions leading us into the same struggles, broken relationships, and consumerism. That’s why Jesus constantly challenges us to be aware of how the world and its systems work – and of the destructive consequences when everyone lives from a basis of individualism, self-sufficiency, and self-protection. Until we are willing to take an honest look at the world, we will not see the need to change, and the wisdom of the Reign of God will remain hidden to us.

But, once we have seen how the world works, and we have chosen to embrace the alternative values and behaviours of God’s Reign, we are invited into a life of generous grace and welcome. We discover that the resources we have are not just for our own use. We are conduits – not containers – for the talents, possessions, time and love that God has given us. Then, we can use whatever resources we have, and can find, to touch and bless others, and to expand the all-inclusive community of Jesus into our world.

This week we will be encouraged to take a tough look at the world, and to be even more intentional about living out the mission and message of Jesus.

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