Everyone likes to feel special. Many people seek to have that need met through their faith. This is why people of faith so often think of themselves as chosen by God, children of God, God’s special ones. In itself, there is nothing wrong with finding a place of acceptance and affirmation in our faith, and the Scriptures certainly do speak of God as choosing certain people and groups for specific tasks in God’s purpose. The problem comes in when we use our sense of chosenness as an excuse to see and treat other people as less, or as not chosen.

Whenever God calls someone—and it would be hard to argue that there is anyone who is not called by God—it is never for their own aggrandisement or for their personal benefit. God’s calling is always for the sake of others. That’s why all of the readings in the Lectionary this week speak of both election and sacrifice. God always seeks to partner with women and men in order to bring justice and love into the world. Our calling is to live by the values, priorities, and purposes of God’s Reign so that the world may become more just, inclusive, welcoming, compassionate, connected, and generous.

May we respond to God’s call this week and become a blessing to others as a result.

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