The feeling of dryness, thirst for life, and emptiness of soul is an experience shared by every human being. We all go through times of emptiness and dryness when life feels difficult and without joy. We all know what it feels like to be hurt, rejected, or exhausted by life’s demands. We all long for refreshment, for living water to flood our souls and quench our thirst for vibrant, meaningful life. This is why water is such a common and profound metaphor in the Bible. So many of the Old Testament stories of God’s acts include water in some form. Jesus spoke of offering living water to those who would come to him, and the Holy Spirit is often likened to water. And, throughout the ages, in the worship of the Church, water has been included – especially in the sacrament of baptism.

As those who are called by the name of Christ, and who are filled with God’s Spirit, we know a source of refreshment and strength that is always available to us, even if we don’t always make use of it. God’s Spirit lives within us and will empower and inspire us if we open our hearts and lives to the Spirit’s influence. But we are also called to be carriers of God’s living water to those around us. When we learn to draw on the Spirit’s strength, we grow increasingly able to rise above those things that drain us and empty us out. And then we can become an inspiring and empowering influence to others.

This week we explore God’s invitation to dive into the living water of God’s Spirit.

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