The focus of this week, of course, is on the resurrection of Jesus. This central event of our faith is at the heart of what we believe as Christians – that life, and not death, has the last word. But sometimes the way we believe in the resurrection robs it of its power. When we make resurrection a past event that happened only once in history to just one person, it may be an interesting occurrence, but it won’t change anyone’s life. When we make the resurrection about nothing more than a way to escape this world and reach life after death, we shut ourselves off from any chance that it could impact our lives here and now.

But this is not how the first believers saw the resurrection of Jesus. As they learned to understand what this amazing event meant, they realised that resurrection was for everyone and for everything. There is nothing in all creation that is not to be resurrected into a new, imperishable life. The first believers also realised that we participate in the process of resurrection even now. As we learn to live the Jesus way, we experience God’s resurrection life, and we carry that life with us so that it touches those with whom we interact.

This week we explore what it means to believe in, and to live, the resurrection of Jesus.

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