One of Jesus’ most radical claims was that he revealed God to us. We cannot be followers of Jesus without wholeheartedly accepting that this claim was, and is, true. In this season of resurrection, the fact that death could not quench the life of Jesus is evidence that what he said about himself was trustworthy and to be believed. This means that, if we want to discover what God is like, we only have to look at Jesus, and we will learn all we need to know.

But there is another side to this important truth. If Jesus reveals God to us, any beliefs we hold about God that are not consistent with the values, character and purposes of Jesus, are incorrect. If we see Jesus forgiving and including, but we believe that God is exclusive and judgemental, we have a contradictory view of God. If we see Jesus refusing to use violence to manifest God’s Reign, but we believe that God punishes people through natural disasters, accidents or disease, we have a contradictory view of God. Not only does Jesus claim that he reveals God to us, he is also saying that God is like Jesus. This is the heart of our faith.

This week we meditate on how God is revealed in Jesus, and on the kind of God that Jesus shows us.

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