What does eternity look like for you? Do you imagine lots of clouds and harps, with us all floating around as disembodied spirits in white robes? This may be a comical image, but the idea that our bodies are temporary and our spirits are eternal is widespread and persistent. But this is not the message of the New Testament. Rather, the Scriptures teach a shocking truth, which we call resurrection – that our bodies (and, indeed the entire universe) are eternal and are raised from death in a glorified state in the end.

The message of resurrection is not just about what happens after we die. If our entire beings (including our bodies) are eternal, then the physical world has value to God. And that means that it matters how we treat our bodies and those of others, and how we use the natural resources of our planet. But resurrection is not just something with which we agree in our heads. Resurrection is a truth that we live in every moment, as we choose either to cooperate with God’s life or to ignore it or oppose it. Whenever we contribute life to others, we work with God’s resurrection life. Whenever we make some else’s life poorer, we oppose God’s resurrection.

This week resurrection will be the focus of our meditations.

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