Once again, we reach the mysterious and difficult day called Trinity Sunday. The doctrine of the Trinity is often misunderstood both within the Christian Community and outside of it and has been the source of much persecution and ridicule of the Church. Part of the problem is that the Church has sometimes used the idea of God as Trinity to define God and to draw lines between “true believers” and “heretics”. While there may some valid reasons for both actions, they have not helped us to experience the richness and invitation of this amazing truth.

The doctrine of the God who is three-in-one, while not defining God (God is beyond any human definition) does reveal some important facets of God’s nature. This God is, within God’s own nature, a community of love. But God does not seek to keep this divine community closed. Rather, God seeks to draw all people, all creatures, and the entire cosmos into this loving community. All three persons of the Trinity are constantly reaching out to heal, restore, and welcome God’s beloved creation into intimate relationship with God. If there is any statement about God that should teach us about God’s inclusive love, it is that God is triune. This is a great mystery, but it invites us to spend our lives in contemplation and experience of it.

This week we meditate on the God who is three-in-one and respond to God’s invitation to share in the divine community of love.

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