No matter how committed we are to Jesus’ mission, we will all face times of great challenge and struggle when we are tempted to give up, or at least reduce our faithfulness in order to reduce the cost. But, when we do this, we lose the very thing that gives us the strength to continue, and that brings us life in the midst of our struggles – our faith. In a world where following Jesus is often framed as a way to great personal benefit, the readings this week offer us a different way of living and believing. We do not need huge faith to follow Jesus. We just need to be willing to follow with faith as tiny as a minute seed. And we do not need to do great works to be part of God’s mission, we only need to live as a simple servant of God, doing just what is required willingly and without expecting any special thanks or reward.

In those times when we grow tired and weak, it is important that we do not make choices that could hurt us in the long run. Rather, we need to take the time to reflect on why we started out on this journey, and the difference it makes, not just to us but to others, when we live Jesus’ way. Sometimes our exhaustion stems from trying too hard or expecting more from ourselves than God expects of us. In these moments, it’s helpful to recommit to being faithful in the small, seemingly insignificant actions and attitudes that Jesus asks of us. It is when we all remain faithful in small things that God can use our combined efforts to make a big difference in the world.

This week we will explore faithfulness in times of struggle, and in the small things that manifest the of God in our lives.

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