This week we begin a New Year and so this week’s reflections call us to choose how we will commit to living through the year to come. At the heart of this choice is a challenge to recognise God’s presence and activity in our lives and our world, and the openness to hear how God may be leading us. Then, flowing from this awareness, we are called courageously to follow God’s guidance, and to lead others to a deeper, more abundant life in Christ.

Then, at the end of the week, we celebrate the Epiphany – the moment in the Church Calendar when we remember the visit of the Magi to Jesus – and we begin a season of learning to see how God’s glory was reflected in the life and ministry of Jesus. Here there is another challenge – to be those who both witness the glory of God in Jesus, and who, like Jesus, allow God’s glory to be reflected in our own lives.

How we respond to these challenges will make all the difference for 2023. This week we are encouraged to make the right choice and choose Jesus’ priorities, values, and practices for our own.

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